June 14, 2018

One Blog Post Everyday (Update)

I started a challenge on June 2nd to write one blog post everyday. Today is June 14th, so I've been at it for 13 days (including today). I've written 10 blog posts so far, and I've missed 3 days.

It's been pretty interesting! It's tougher than I thought but I've been learning a lot.

One of the challenges has been forcing myself to stop whatever else it is that I might be doing and and write. If I sit down and just start writing, I can usually put together a blog post in about 15 to 30 minutes. But it can be really tough to pull myself away from other things! The inner voice in my head is very tricky. It seems to try very hard to convince me that I should rather be working on client work, or that I should be spending time with family, or that I need to take a shower, or check the weather, or that I'm too tired or that I'm going to burn myself out.

It's interesting how hard that voice works to convince me that I should just give up.

In fact, the inner voice succeeded at convincing me not to blog for 3 out of the 13 days. Two of those days were on the weekend. My inner voice convinced me that I should relax and take the weekends off.

One of those days was a very busy day when I was in charge of running an event that I had never done before. My inner voice took advantage of my worries about running the event and convinced me to put the blogging on the back burner.

One of my inner voice's most convincing arguments has been that these blog posts are not really that great and most likely will never amount to anything. That is so convincing, because it's true! The blog posts I've been writing are certainly not Pulitzer Prize worthy! But, I've had to remind myself that writing perfect, impactful blog posts is NOT the goal. The point of this challenge is to train myself to become more comfortable with creating imperfect art consistently.

The more imperfect art I produce, the better I will become. At least that's the idea!

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