June 6, 2018

Not Very Clear Vision

A very common theme I see in personal development books and hear in podcasts is that it's imporant to have a crystal clear vision of what you want.

This is an area where I can use some help at the moment. I think I need to reflect more about this.

Here are some goals I am working towards or would like to maintain. I'm hoping to refine these further over the next few months.

  • Be able to understand Korean.
  • Become more fulfilled and relaxed with my day job.
  • Spend time with family
  • Sail


My family and I visitied my brother and his wife in Korea 2 years ago. I have always been interested in learning a foreign language.

Since the visit to Korea, I've been determined to learn Korean.

I've been studying daily for 2 years. I'm still no where near fluency. I would very much like to be able to understand basic confersations.

I still absolutely love studying. I've learned a ton about language learning. I've learned a lot about learning in general. And I think it's fascinating to to explore the differences between Korean and American cultures.

I have a lot of ideas about what the perfect language learning software would look like. I'd love to build it.

Day Job

I am very grateful for my current job. I do contracting software development and technical support for a government organization and work 100% from home. I work with a great Team.

The problem is, although some would argue that the world needs it, in my mind, there are many other projects the world needs much more than what I work on currently.

Based on the Japanese Ikigai Diagram, my current day job is something I'm pretty good at and that I'm paid for. In other words, it's a "Profession".

I would very much like to find work that incorporates the other two aspects from Ikagai: Work that I love and Work that the world needs.

I'm not sure yet how to find this type of work. I'm not sure it's even possible to find this work. I have a hunch that, ultimately, I will need to create this kind of work for myself instead of finding it thru a job search.

But, for the shorter term, I'm going to try keep my eyes open for local businesses in need of software development. I'm hoping I can help some people locally and grow from there.

I'd really love to develop a very quick turn around, repeatable process using clojure to write software for customers. I want the solution to be easy enough for business users without any programming knowlege to use, yet still allow developers to work on the underlying code.

Spend Time with Family

If I was independently wealthy, I'd hang out with my family all day every day. We would practice Baseball, Guitar, go to the pool, go sailing, travel, explore new places, hang out with friends, and learn together.

Spending Time with the family is the main reason I need to make money.


I became obsessed with sailing about 4 years ago. Last year I bought an S2 7.9 sailboat and we've been racing it every wednesday.

It's an absolute blast. I love sharing the experience of sailing with friends and family, and I have learned and grown so much thanks to sailing.

Sailing also keeps me balanced emotionally. There's a meditation aspect to sailing that relaxes me and puts things into perspective.

Unfocused Vision

So, there you go, those are my not-very-well-defined goals and vision for the next year. I know that I want to something related to those 4 aspects of life, but I'm not really sure how to bring it all into focus?!

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