December 6, 2016

Lines of Code in Github

I was curious today about the total lines of code inside popular repositories on github.

Even though it doesn't look like github displays this info by default, I found a way to sort-of/kind-of do it on stackoverflow here.

This is totally not accurate, but it's fun!

The way it works is by taking the number of lines added minus the lines deleted by each github contributor and summing up the numbers.

I don't think github even returns more than a year's worth of data. So, it's really not very accurate at all.

But it was fun to port it over into clojurescript.

So, here it is, feel free to give it as spin. Enter a github user and repo name, then click the button.

For example, by default, the widget below will ask github for stats about jquery. The github url for jquery is As you can see in the url, jquery is the username and jquery is also the repo name.

And here's the code in case you're interested.

Tags: clojure clojurescript