October 9, 2015

Closurescript Devcards FTW!

The Clojure REPL is Amazing

... but we already new that.

The clojure repl enables me to be so much more productive. The ability to explore and experiment has been a game changer in the way I write code and the speed at which I can learn new new libraries.

The CLJS REPL is Amazing

... but it feels like something is missing?

The clojurescript repl is really great as well and I've experienced similar benefits. Instant feedback on running clojurescript has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of javascript syntax and the internals of javascript objects and libraries.

I can't really put a finger on it, but don't experience quite as much "bliss" working in clojurescript repl as I do with clojure repl. Maybe because there's a few extra moving pieces involved for cljs compared to clj repl? Maybe it's just because writing front end code is more visual? Not sure.

The Missing Piece I didn't know I Missed

Last week I read about a new library by Bruce Hauman called devcards. And I'm excited to say that devcards is the missing piece that scratches the itch I couldn't put my finger on. I get the same "bliss" doing ui development using devcards that I do writing backend code in the clojure repl. For once in my life, it's actually not a chore to do frontend browser stuff.

Here are some devcards that I put together pretty quickly on nights and weekends over the last few days. The part I'm really excited about is that these snippets are very reusable. I like how devcards forces me to build modular components that will be easy to use in either reagent or om.

In the process of putting together these devcards, I've learned a ton about react, google closure, and writing reusable ui components in general.

Devcards rock!

— Me, just now

Here's the link to all the examples: Devcards Fun

Here are my favorites:

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